We are a team, a family, we are nature lovers, curious researchers and real people working to make our planet a little less dirty.

We believe that today's elections can change our future, we can make the world better through ourselves and our actions. We have realized that the world is so wonderful that it is necessary for each one of us to do something to protect it.
With the mission of helping people create healthy homes and experience the power of Nature, Move&Wash was born, our ecological and natural alternative to toxic detergents.

The people who on a day-to-day basis seek solutions to avoid polluting are our constant inspiration and represent a guide on the path of




We use only biodegradable, plant-based ingredients, they are clearly listed, no surprises.
We are committed to offering high-quality products, choosing our suppliers according to sustainability criteria that guarantee the protection of the environment, labor rights and respect for animals. We choose eco-responsible companies as suppliers and we choose transport that reduces the carbon footprint.
We produce and package our products very carefully at our headquarters in Valencia, exclusively using packaging with less environmental impact.


If you are a person who in daily life looks for solutions to avoid contamination and you want to clean your home enriching your life, feel free to contact us. From the Move&Wash team we will be happy to meet you.

+34 654 527 776